Turn Your Crafting Talent And Expertise Into A Profitable Coaching Business

Earn more money doing what you love with by doing less work while making an impact!

  • Module 1: Identifying Your Ideal Client & Profitable Niche

  • Module 2: Selling With Confidence

  • Module 3: Creating The Framework To Your Coaching Program

  • Module 4: Creating An Irresistible Offer

  • Module 5: How To Sell Your Coaching Program Without Selling

  • Module 6: How To Attract Clients To Keep Your Coaching Calendar Full


  • Module 1: Deciding On Your Perfect Course

  • Module 2: Where To Find Your Pricing And Positioning Your Sweet Spot

  • Module 3: Setting Up A Foolproof Online Course Structure

  • Module 4: Pre-launch, Follow-Up, And Keeping Your Audience Engaged

  • Launch You Online Course Ebook

  • Course Creation Planner

  • 20 Tools & Resources For Creating An Online Course


  • Bonus Material

    Course Promotion 30 Day Challenge* Client Getting Forms* Payment Letter Templates* Client Onboarding Planner* How To Get Client Referrals Ebook* Coaching Productivity Tools* How To Make Money From Webinars Ebook* Client Transformation Worksheets* Lead Magnet Ideas* How To Start A Group Coaching Program Ebook* How To Start A Membership Site Ebook* How To Start A Membership Site Planner* How To Create A Landing Page*

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